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What is Lipo-Vite?

LipoVite, sometimes called Lipotropics, are a series of weekly injections that contain vitamins and amino acids that help increase energy and metabolism.

Lipovite injections can provide an extra boost for those who can’t seem to find a way to break through their weight loss plateau. Lipotropic agents play an important role in the breakdown of lipids, or fats.

Lipovite injections can help improve your body’s ability to metabolize fat by accelerating the removal or decreasing the deposit of fat in the liver, enabling the body to excrete the fat instead of store it as added pounds. When used with proper lifestyle changes, Lipo-Vite can promote weight loss and improve overall health.

What Ingredients are in Lipo-Vite?

Choline - The necessary nutrient in preventing a fatty liver.

Inositol - When taken in combination with Choline, Inositol forms lecithin, a known fat fighter. It is also a lipotropic agent, which may redistribute existing body fat during weight loss. Hair loss can be caused my a Inositol deficiency.

Methionine - Increases the ability to transport fat out of the body, while helping to improve the metabolism.

Vitamin B12 - Used to metabolize carbohydrates and fats and assist in the proper digestion of food and provide energy.

How Often is Lipo-Vite Given?

Injections are given as an injection into the muscle weekly for 12 weeks.

Patients can be seen in office weekly for injections.


Patients may purchase a 10 week supply of LipoVite and self-administer injections at home.

Do I Need a Consultation for Lipo-Vite?

Yes. All patients must have a one-time initial consultation before Lipo-Vite will be prescribed.

Patients with Sulfa allergy can not receive Lipo-Vite. B-12 by itself may be prescribe to those with Sulfa allergy.

Does Lipo-Vite Have Any Side Effects?

Side effects to vitamins are rare, but can occur. Injection site redness has been reported.

Other rare, but possible side effects include itching, hives, shortness of breath, wheezing, swelling of the tongue, throat, or mouth.

Stomach upset, mild nausea, mild diarrhea are possible due to the sudden boost in minerals and nutrients.

This usually passes quite quickly, but if it persists, you should consult your doctor.

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