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Tone works by emitting pulses for electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to simulate involuntary muscle contractions. Tone’s hands-free applicators target specific muscle groups to restore the strength of the muscle.


Tone’s treatment screen enables aesthetic providers to adjust and customize contraction levels.

Tone’s EMS technology ensures it can safely and effectively be used on all skin types.

Improves muscle tone and strength.

Can be used on abdomen, legs, arms, buttocks, thighs, and other areas. 





Morpheus8 Body, with 3D Smart Frame and Burst technology, is a safe and effective minimally invasive modular RF fractional solution for subdermal adipose remodeling of larger body areas. Morpheus8 Body is used in dermatological and surgical procedures for electro-coagulation and hemostasis.


Morpheus8 Body delivers the deepest fractional treatments available. Its large surface tip consists of a matrix of 40 thin gold-coated microneedles heating subdermal tissue up to 8mm (7mm + 1mm thermal profile).

Equipped with new 3D Smart Frame functionality, Morpheus8 Body deploys bipolar RF energy in a sequential radial and vertical pattern, beginning with the inner circle of micropins and radiating outward. RF energy is automatically adjusted for the distance and number of microneedles in each ring. Sequential RF deployment produces 3D tissue block heating and procedures that deliver more energy in a deliberate and uniform treatment pattern.

Burst mode RF Vulcanization technology enables Morpheus8 Body to automatically disperse bipolar RF energy to multi-level treatment depths in a single cycle. The ability to target tissue sequentially at three levels, in millisecond intervals, allows for a significant reduction in treatment times, minimizes skin injury, increases treatment uniformity, and enables customized full body fractional procedures.

Safe on skin types I to VI with little risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) which is common with other resurfacing methods.


Package of 3

Price varies based on body are. 

Call for FREE consultation. 

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